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About: There are definitely more sides to me than six. When it comes to how I roll, there are infinite possibilities. Life's a gamble, take risks.

Penny Lane finally scaled the tree…squirrels will do that to ya

Hate the weather like the drug —Me

Eminem -  Role Model (LIVE 1999)

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Funny moment in the stretch F650 ride on our way to dinner at the Bellagio Las Vegas

Love rain drips and the sound of rain

They want to burn the witches inside us —Courtney Love, 20 years in the Dakota (via cultqueen)

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Red Hot Chili Peppers & L7


Red Hot Chili Peppers & L7

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Earthlight is the partial illumination of the dark portion of the moon’s surface by light reflected from the Earth and from the Earth’s airglow. It is also known as Earthshine [or] Planetshine, the Moon’s ashen glow, or the old Moon in the new Moon’s arms.”

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